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Visit in Czestochowa, Poland, 13 - 18 December 2009

A group of four pupils of “Gymnasium Sulingen”, accompanied by the teachers Ulrich Ernst and Fred Knispel, visited as part of the Comenius project SESOF (Saving Energy – Saving Our Future) the grammar school No. 21 in Czestochowa in Poland last week. Delegations of the involved co-operation schools from Msida (Malta), Nagykansza (Hungary), and Bolu (Turkey) arrived for this fourth project meeting.

The group in front of the Kopernikus statue in the old part of Warsaw.

The pupils of the five involved schools presented their examinations and results about CO2-production in private households and of single persons (the so-called “carbon foot print”) and discussed possibilities of saving. In this discussion they compared the different values of the individual countries. It became clear that a higher standard of living raises the CO2-emission noticeably. The pupils presented and discussed in English in front of a large audience consisting of project participants as well as pupils and teachers of the grammar school No. 21 in Czestochowa. The project’s work was documented by posters, drawn up together by the pupils, which will be shown to the public at different places in Czestochowa during the following weeks. The pupils, who were spoilt with cordial and loving hospitality, were housed at Polish host families. At the same time they established contacts and friendships which will certainly survive the project, which will be finished next year. Tammo M. said:” With the help of the host families we got a deep insight into the Polish culture.” An interesting supporting programme completed the project’s work. Additionally to the tour in the old part of Warsaw, the monastery Jasna Góra, and the ruin of the castle near Olsztyn, they also visited a regional energy supplier, a thermal power station, and an incineration plant.

Die Burgruine in Olsztyn bei Czestochowa

The meeting ended with a common farewell party in school. There, a traditional nativity play got all participants into the right mood for the forthcoming Christmas. The conclusion of the project will take place in Msida on Malta next year.