SESOF: Saving Energy - Saving our Future (2008-2010)

The project is intended to be interdisciplinary, involving teachers of Science, Geography, German, and English from five different countries. It focuses on the consumption of resources, mainly the use of energy and water, how the use of such resources is related to climatic conditions in the participating countries, and explores ways how their use can be reduced to improve the quality of our environment.

Measures taken to reduce consumption will be based on information from surveys amongst students, data from monitoring patterns of consumption at home and/or at school, and comparative studies of data collected between partners. The effectiveness of these efficiency improving measures is also assessed and monitored over an identical period of time and related to climatic conditions. In addition, the project will assess the carbon footprint of the households and/or school of the participants. 

The students will work as a multinational group, exchanging ideas and information via the internet and during meetings. The conclusions of the project are disseminated in the school and to the general public through a website and popular publications. The project is to be based on a comparative approach, so participants from the different countries would be undertaking similar tasks and then comparing the results and to establish common solutions.

However, certain specific tasks of the project will be coordinated by individual partners as following: 

Hungary – coordination of activities related to the use of the internet and ICT
Germany – coordination of climate related activities, processing of data
Malta – overall coordination duties; coordination of the monitoring of resource consumption 
Poland – coordination of the survey and evaluation of data
Turkey – coordination for establishing the carbon footprint